Green Mountain Diapers Review & Giveaway

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Kickin' It Off With Cloth
Day 27 Kickin’ It Off With Cloth Event hosted by The Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network 
is sponsored by Green Mountain Diapers

About the company: Green Mountain Diapers was started in 1998.  The goal was to communicate information about cloth diapering and provide consumers with the best products to do so.  Today they are one of the leading suppliers of natural fiber cloth diapers in the USA.

I was beyond excited to be able to review for Green Mountain Diapers.  If you have been cloth diapering for more than a week, you have more than likely heard about this company.  They are the front runner for a quality cloth diapering company and their workhorse fitted diaper is the superior fitted on the market. 
First, let’s talk about the website for Green Mountain Diapers.  Anytime someone asks me about how to get started with cloth diapering this is where I send them.  Their New To Cloth Section and FAQ has all of the information you could imagine for getting started with cloth diapering.  They even have a picture section that shows the best information for diapering a newborn. Under each item they sell they also provide a detailed explanation.  Hands down you won’t find a better site with these explanations. 
I was sent a variety of items to try including prefolds, workhorse fitteds with both snaps and without.  A variety of doublers and two types of covers. There was also an instructional manual with everything I could possibly want to know about what I was sent, from how to prep them, how to use them, and even washing instructions. I was sent the yellow edge fitteds because that is the current size of my baby. To know what size you need, see here.

I didn’t take a picture of everything, but tried to show a good majority. I love the fitteds, especially the ones with the snaps. I’m just a snap lover.  It’s purely my preference.  I also love that she still has plenty of room to grow in these. The one without snaps came with a Snappi or pins to adhere the sides.  I had never tried a fitted before these, but I’m hooked.  I do love my prefolds, and the ones I was sent I do love, but I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with fitteds.  Because they are already shaped, it’s so much easier than trying to figure out how to fold a prefold. Both the fitteds and prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers are 100% cotton.  They are so durable and soft.  Every single time I put one of the fitteds on her she pooped, luckily though, I never once had a blowout. I also loved the doublers that I was sent to go along with these.  Its amazing to just be able to add a small doubler instead of a bulky extra insert.

I was sent a Thirsties cover in size small.  I loved how this fit her and that the velcro actually seems durable.  I have other diapers with velcro that just seem like after a few more washes they are going to stop working, but I have washed this cover a few times with no issues. I also love the leg gussets.

 When I first saw the Bummis Pull-On.  I actually laughed a bit.  This reminded me of how everyone swore when I started to cloth diaper that I would be using “pins and plastic pants”.  However, after using these for the first time, I’m actually sort of hooked.  You don’t have to worry about snaps or velcro or anything else.  Just pull over the fitted and you’re good to go.  While I don’t have to worry about it right now, I can see once the baby starts moving a bunch more during changes how convenient this would be. I was sent the small which covers 8-18 pounds and you can clearly see she has room to grow. They are super thin too but durable and even with the obvious room to grow, I never had any issues with leaks.
I can definitely see and understand why people are so in love with Green Mountain Diapers.  The quality of what they provide is top notch & their customer service is just as amazing. You can tell they truly do want cloth diapering to be a positive experience for all of their customers and are willing to go above and beyond for them.  Additionally, I personally love that they never offer coupons or discount codes so you know that you are always getting the same price, great price as everyone else. 

BUY IT: Purchase any of their products HERE

WIN IT:  One lucky reader will win an organic workhorse fitted & Thirsties duo cover.  Just enter the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. Raquel

    I would love Kusikuy Alpaca longies! Adorable and the care looks so easy!

  2. Lfulks516

    Swaddlebees AIO in Giraffes print. <br />-Laura F.

  3. Nikki

    I would like the flip covers.

  4. Marie

    Swaddlebees and workhose fitted.I need some more newborn stash.

  5. Caitlin Myers

    Swaddlebees Simplex medium in owl print.

  6. Sarah E.

    I would like some yellow edged prefolds or workhorse fitteds.

  7. Mommy2two

    I love our WHs! I&#39;d love to try the Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 in Owls print :)

  8. Heather Mills

    I LOVE Green Mountain Diapers. We use many products, but I would love to try a Thirsties Duo. :)

  9. Kelly

    I really want a red edge workhorse!

  10. Anonymous

    I would love a swaddlebees in the butterfly print! We have a simplex in the elephant print and its one of my favorites! <br />Lacey j<br />Laceymarie 89 at livedotcom

  11. Debby

    Would like to have the Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Bag Tote!

    • Erin Terrell

      Oh and I would love some workhorses!

  12. ashley

    I&#39;m addicted to gmd prefolds! But if I had some extra spending money, I&#39;d try a workhorse!

  13. Anonymous

    I would love to have some workhorse fitteds!

  14. jennafish

    i&#39;m intersted in the workhorse fitted

  15. Anne W

    I love the Thirsties Duo in the blackbird print :)

  16. ILoveTaffy

    I would love some gmd newborn workhorse fitteds and Albert elemental in snaps

  17. Rachel M.

    I like the jungle print diaper cover.

  18. Amber Hill

    I am going to be ordering some of their prefolds and hopefully a few workhorse fitteds next payday :) ….can&#39;t wait!

  19. Becks

    I would love to try a Lana wool cover.

  20. Ashley Suzanne

    I really want to build up my pile of Thirsties AIOs!

  21. Rachel

    I am really wanting to try the new organic workhorses.

  22. Melanie

    I&#39;d try some cloth-eez organic prefolds!

  23. Heather

    organic prefolds, workhorses, and doublers. Love Love. &lt;3

  24. Aubree

    bumGenius Elemental One-Size Organic All-in-One Diapers

  25. Anne Sweden

    I would love some workhorse fitteds in the newborn size!

  26. Allison

    workhorse fitteds in large or a bumgenius elemental :)

  27. Carrie C

    I would love to try a Workhorse Organic fitted diaper!

  28. Melissa

    I love the GMD WH fitteds in red… but it&#39;s time to size up to brown!

  29. Eva Lepe

    I would love to try the BG elementals or the swaddlebees!

  30. Sam Dock

    I really have always wanted to try a fitted, I would also love their cloth wipes.

  31. aperry

    Kusikuy Alpaca Pants

  32. saydmae

    I have been reading alot about the workhorse fitted and would love to try them :-)

  33. N Bear

    Growing Greens One-Size Diapers – organic cotton

  34. sophieandmomma

    I want their newborn work horses! :D<br />(nathania)

  35. Nicole Gutermann

    I&#39;d love to try BGE in Lovelace. I&#39;d also love some NB dipes so that when we have #2 we have a stash

  36. Ashley Emma

    I would love to have more Cloth-eez Flats, size large, green stitch

  37. adina holwerda

    I would like to try Swaddlebees Simplex AIO VERSION 2

  38. Charis’s Mum

    I&#39;d love to try the Kusikuy Alpaca Pants.<br />{Sarah Jane Mc…}

  39. Andrew L.

    I&#39;d love to try the Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex AIO VERSION 2

  40. Sarah Hayes

    id like to try the BG elemental AIO

  41. Joanne

    Swaddlebees Simplex AIO VERSION 2 Giraffes

  42. jljyoung

    I love the gmd prefolds and workhorse diapers

  43. kaprea99

    I would like to try the swaddlebees. I also seen the buggy bag elite. That looks like it would be very nice to use.

  44. mkibrick

    I want to try the GMD flats and prefolds

  45. Erin

    I&#39;m getting ready to order prefolds from them! LOVE!

  46. Britni Bradford

    I want some of their workhorse organic fitteds!

  47. Stephanie

    I want the GMD prefolds. I&#39;ve been wanting them for a LONG time, but haven&#39;t had the funds to buy them just yet.

  48. Rumsita

    I&#39;d really love to try the workhorse fitteds!

  49. Helen M.

    I would love some wool covers! I love my gmd prefolds and fitteds!

  50. Colleen

    I&#39;d love to give the Kissaluvs wool diaper cover a try sometime!

  51. Lisa Fox

    I would like to try a workhorse fitted. Or some prefolds.

  52. Darcelle Kropp

    simplex newborn. I have a baby due Feb 17th

  53. Ari

    I want some more of the prefolds in larger sizes. We&#39;ve bought so much from GMD and love them!

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