Going Green 2014: Bulk Herb Store Giveaway

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In our home “Going Green” means so many different things. The biggest change though is learning to eat better and to medicate without the chemicals. This can be a difficult and challenging adjustment , so finding different resources to make this change easier is such a blessing.

Since starting our “Going Green” endeavor I have fallen in love with The Bulk Herb Store.  Everything from books, herbs, salves and more can be found on this great website! We’ve had the great opportunity to work with The Bulk Herb Store several times now & we are continuously overwhelmed with how fabulous the items are! 

The first item we received for our Going Green event is the Herba-Smoothie Collection. We love smoothies in our home, and typically enjoy one everyday! For Lil Stinker it’s the best way to get him to eat his greens. Seriously…throw anything into the blender and he will gobble it down…just last week Hubs threw in some spinach, left over rice & salmon with an apple and it was as good as chocolate ice cream to our silly 2 year old! For me , a Smoothie is a great way to make sure I am getting all of the nutrients I need throughout my day. It’s easy to make sure the kids are getting what they need…but sometimes I forget to take care of myself. A smoothie is so quick and easy to make though, so the Herba Smoothie Collection sounded perfect!

The collection comes with 4 different smoothie mixes. Each contains beneficial herbal properties that are easily absorbed by the body. My favorite mix in this collection is the Daily Boost Herba Smoothie, some mornings my coffee just doesn’t cut it! This mix with some berries and a banana always hits the mark! 

I also received the Beautiful Hair Mix, this is a product that I had been eyeing for awhile. I am always looking for ways to perk up the look of my hair without chemicals. So I whipped up this concoction and was anxious to try it out. I must admit that the look & smell are really not appealing…but I went ahead and applied. Hoping all the while that the smell would be over taken by the amazing results! 

It did take a few minutes to apply the mess to my hair, but once it was on Hubs thought it would be the perfect time for a photo shoot! HA! I then covered the mess with a plastic bag and warm towel. After about 30 minutes I rinsed everything out. It was a little difficult to get it all out, but once I began drying my hair I noticed a great difference in how shiny my hair looked! I really like the results that this product offers.

As many of you know, if you’ve been reading for awhile, I LOVE hot tea. One of my favorite tea is Chai tea, and the Red Rooibos Spice Chai Tea from Bulk Herb Store is incredible. With just a little milk and honey it becomes the perfect drink for these cold winter months!!

Lastly, I was sent the Raw Energy Book. I have absolutely fallen in love with this little book. It is full of great recipes for everything from Smoothies to healthy snacks. We try not to purchase a lot of processed foods so this is the perfect book to get some yummy raw treats into my kiddos.

The boys love helping me in the kitchen and we had a great time making some Peanut Butter treats and a chocolate syrup. The Peanut Butter goodies are supposed to be formed into balls, but my kiddos,Hubs & I all loved this right out of the bowl. 

All of these products can be purchased directly from the Bulk Herb Store website and one of you will win all of the above items. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will end on Thursday 2/20, Good Luck! 

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Larisha is the award winning author and founder behind We're Parents!? Originally from WV, she currently resides in NJ with her fiance and their toddler, as well as currently expecting in 2015. You can typically find her in the kitchen testing out recipes. She's a Nutella and Amish doughnut enthusiast.


  1. Beanybopp

    I would love to try the Beautiful Hair Mix!! Anything to try and tame this frizz!

  2. Sue D

    I like the chai tea.

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